I have already visited several boardgame cafes around the metro. But this cafe that we went to last week  is the best one for me so far.

To celebrate our eleventh month together, Miguel and I decided to take a trip to Quezon City and spend our afternoon at Cedric’s Boardgame Cafe.


The place was a tad bit smaller as compared to the previous cafes that I have visited but the size of the area didn’t really matter because it was cozy inside and the ambiance was just perfect.

After choosing a spot, we were given the menu and were told that customers are required to purchase at least one meal or drink. The prices would seem a bit high at first, but considering that you are also paying for the games and the tutorial, you’ll realize that you are paying just enough.


Miguel and I ordered their famous Bangus Sisig which costs P 295 and added plain rice which costs P 30 each. The serving size was smaller than what I expected but the meal was delectable so I have to give it two thumbs up. While eating, we decided to pick our first game. Like what I have mentioned earlier, we have both been to different boardgame cafes already so we opted for the more unusual games. The first one that we chose was called Patch Work.


It’s fun and easy to play. What you have to do is complete your board with patches and buttons. The person who accumulates the most number of buttons wins the game. Didn’t realize I had a knack for stitching right until I won this game.

The next one was Help Me. It’s a card-stacking game that uses avatars as characters. You just have to pick two avatars each and collect as many cards as you can. I think it was Miguel who won this round. *sobs*

I wanted to try a cute game next so we chose the Frozen Jenga.


Game face on.

It’s basically Jenga but with a twist because aside from keeping the blocks in place, you also have to prevent Elsa from falling. Unfortunately, Miguel won again. Sucks for me.

The next game that we played was actually one of my favorites that night because of its amazing packaging. Admit it. We never followed the golden nugget that says “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” This game is called Organ Attack.


It’s a bit intense because the objective of the game is to eliminate all of your opponents’ organs. Just in case you’re wondering, I won the game. What a comeback! HA-HA-HA.

We checked the gameboard shelf again and found a game that has recently been the talk of the town. It’s called Bad Dog and it’s pretty simple (and scary).

Two cuties in one photo.
Thanks for the overexposed photo, baby. Haha!

Players will take turns in getting bones in front of the sleeping dog. Once a person wakes the Bad Dog up, the game is over. Miguel warned me not to scream because he knows how easily I get scared. But as it turns out, it was him who jumped out of his seat after disturbing the Bad Dog in his sleep.

We slowed things down by playing Yeti in My Spaghetti.


It’s similar to our favorite childhood game called Pick-up Sticks but this time, the sticks are in the form of spaghetti noodles and aside from the usual rule, another aim of the game is to prevent Yeti from falling down to the bottom of the bowl. We played two rounds. I won in the first and Miguel won in the second.

A new tutor stopped by the cafe and suggested that we play Niya.


It was an interesting game. What you have to do is just match photos in the cards and the first one who completes four in a row or forms a square wins the game. Again, we played two rounds and fortunately, I won in both rounds. Now who’s the boss? Ha-ha!

The next game was also one of my favorites. You all know how much I love words so I really enjoyed playing Smart Mouth. This tiny machine produces two letters everytime you slide the dispenser and the goal is to think of a word that starts and ends with those two letters. The person who has collected the most number of letters will win. And since I am very competitive when it comes to these kinds of things, I made sure that I will emerge as the victor (lol).

We went back to playing cards right after and picked the Sushi Go set.


The cards have different kinds of sushi with corresponding points. It’s a game of luck and tactics because during the process, the players exchange the hands they were dealt with and at the end of the round, they must have the most number of points. If I remember it correctly, Miguel won this cute game.

Similar to the Bad Dog, the Crocodile Dentist is a game that will urge you to rely on your instincts.


Players will take turns in pressing the crocodile’s tooth and the unlucky person who presses the wrong one will have his fingers cut off by the croc. Kidding! We only played it once because we wanted to prevent ourselves from screaming too much.

We then fulfilled our dream of experiencing how it is to become a barista by playing Caffeine Rush.


It’s a card game that lets the players race in completing all the orders. And the person who gets the most number of tips wins. I now feel like an expert barista after winning this game.

Things are starting to heat up because Miguel challenged me to a Pie Face showdown.


Sorry for the low quality photos. We forgot to take better pictures because we enjoyed too much.

We ordered a small plate of whipped cream that costs P 20. It was really exciting because you have to make use of your strength in pressing the button so the cream will not hit you right in the face. Unfortunately, out of the 5 five rounds that we had, it was my boyfriend who got to hit me with cold cream for four times. (What a loser, Klaire. Haha!)

After cleaning up, we picked our last game for the day and we chose the one that had a striking packaging. The game is called The Big Switch.


It’s a bidding game that also teaches you how to conserve electricity on the side. You flip cards, buy appliances, bid, and conserve energy. It’s that easy! The time limit makes the game more exciting. And now, I can definitely say that I have fast hands after winning this game.

Overall, I can say that this was a day well-spent because Miguel and I got to bond over a delicious meal while enjoying fun and interesting games. And if you were to ask me, it’s a day that I want to replay over and over again…




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