Every year, the Communication Arts Students’ Association holds an advertising competition participated in by all junior CASAns. This year, they have partnered with Anker— the leading mobile and tech essentials company in over 70 countries across the globe.

All four blocks were given a week and a half to complete their pre-production, production, and post-production. It was definitely not a piece of cake because we had to balance all our responsibilities. We had a theatrical play, radio production, communication research defense, exams, other projects, and extra-curricular activities. Fortunately, all of my block-mates were responsible and cooperative so things became a bit easier. We spent our time brainstorming, completing paper works, producing, editing, and practicing for our pitch.


And then the much-awaited day came…


Aside from being chosen as the Account Director of our agency, I was also assigned to pitch together with Zhino Koe, our class president.


I have hosted a lot of events within and outside our university but this, by far, was the most nerve-racking.

All I know is that we did our best and gave our one hundred percent in all the advertisements we produced. We just hope that our efforts and creativity will help us land on top.

Back to the competition…

When the judges were announcing the winners, I can’t help but feel overwhelmed upon hearing our agency name. I just can’t believe that we are now being awarded and applauded for all our hard work.

To give you a rundown of all the awards we have won, take a look at this:


And the most coveted awards goes to…


It was a battle well-fought and we are glad the we got out of it with victory in our hands. We are beyond grateful not just for the awards that we have received, but more importantly for the chance given to us to showcase both our talents and what each and everyone is capable of.

Here are more photos just to show how happy we all are. Again, congratulations to us, Likha Collective!



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