When we talk about women empowerment, the words that we often utter in relation to it are strength, confidence, and bravery. Rarely do we hear the word “love”. Perhaps because others might think that it denotes romanticism or probably because it depicts vulnerability. But after attending CNN’s first women’s summit, I realized that we, women,… Continue reading LEADING WOMEN WITH LOVE


There must be something about the previous decades that leaves people awestruck with just the thought of it and makes them wonder how amazing life must have been before— film cameras, hip ’90s clothing, teased hair, rollerblades, and retro diners that fill customers up with mouthwatering shakes— oooh, all these amazing things and more. No… Continue reading THROUGH ROSE-TINTED SPECS


Every year, we receive gifts after gifts during the holiday season and sometimes, we tend to forget the art of giving. So this year, we tried to change the norm and shared our blessings to other people. We surprised my youngest sibling for her 18th birthday— the non-traditional way! Last December 23, we visited the… Continue reading A CHRISTMAS LIKE NO OTHER


Everyday, we face the dilemma of deciding where to eat because we take into consideration several factors like location, price, interiors, and menu. And with the wide variety of food options, how do we choose the best food stop? Saan Tayo Kakain?, a show produced by UST’s EdTech Digital Broadcasting Unit, is here to help us!… Continue reading MIDDAY MUNCH


Last month, Miguel and I celebrated our anniversary at Date and Dine Hotel & Resort in Antipolo. Words cannot express how beautiful the place is! We both just fell in-love with its ambiance and appearance. But what made our stay all the more wonderful were the delicious meals served and the welcoming staff. After our… Continue reading DATE AND DINE


I used to think that companies hire interns so they can ask people to do jobs that they refuse to do such as making coffee early in the morning, photocopying documents, organizing files, and the like. But last summer, when it was finally time for me to personally experience on-the-job training, all my presumptions vanished… Continue reading INTERN #10


Dumilim ang paligid Dahan-dahang bumukas ang telon Nagsindi ng nakakabulag na ilaw At bumuhos ang emosyon Na tila ba parang isang alon Na dinadala ka’t hinahampas Kasabay ng katawan at mga kamay na kumukumpas Sa saliw ng malungkot na awitin Ang sandaling ito sana’y di magawakas Makukulay na damit Magagarang gamit Mga bibig na nakangiti’t… Continue reading INDAK