Every year, we are given the chance to celebrate the gift of life. We grow older, bigger, stronger, and wiser. We get an opportunity to look back and be grateful for the year that was, and move forward with new dreams and goals in life. Yesterday, July 28, marks the 22nd birthday of Miguel. It… Continue reading HOME SWEET HOME


It was a fine sunny afternoon and I was peacefully sitting under a shady tree inside the university when Miguel came into my view. It was the first time that I met him but I had no idea that we were already taking the same classes together. But after spending an event, weekly dinner with… Continue reading BIT BY THE LOVE BUG


It was during the second month of 2015 when I had my first shoot at Joyie’s Studio. Two years later, I came back for another fun photo session. But this time, I brought Ewey, my youngest sister, with me. We both became photoshoot-ready thanks to the magical touch of Sir Jojo Lachica, our make-up artist… Continue reading 2 YEARS AND COUNTING


I have already visited several boardgame cafes around the metro. But this cafe that we went to last week  is the best one for me so far. To celebrate our eleventh month together, Miguel and I decided to take a trip to Quezon City and spend our afternoon at Cedric’s Boardgame Cafe. The place was… Continue reading THE KID IN US


Every year, the Communication Arts Students’ Association holds an advertising competition participated in by all junior CASAns. This year, they have partnered with Anker— the leading mobile and tech essentials company in over 70 countries across the globe. All four blocks were given a week and a half to complete their pre-production, production, and post-production. It… Continue reading LIKHA COLLECTIVE


I used to be part of this story Where I resided in a wondrous place Wee but glistening things made me happy They never failed to put a smile on my face I remember the days when I moved freely I explored the world and inquired around Hatred was unknown and my heart loved purely… Continue reading SPRINGTIME OF LIFE


Looking for the perfect date spot is not a piece of cake especially now that we have a vast array of choices when it comes to food and activities. But for those who would like to make their dining experience special and memorable but don’t want to go through the fuss of driving or commuting too… Continue reading UNIQUE DATE SPOTS NEAR UST