Imagine yourself baking a cake for your birthday. You spend money to buy the ingredients, you study the recipe carefully so as not to commit errors while baking, and you work hard day in and day out to create a masterpiece. You look forward to having a taste of that cake you made from scratch,… Continue reading A PROMISE LONG OVERDUE


At first glance, the photos above look nothing but ordinary. But believe me when I say that these photos are not. Just a few minutes of drive away from Star City, the well-known amusement park, is a museum that will turn your world upside down. Literally. The Upside Down Museum, which looks a whole lot… Continue reading FLIPPED


College life’s stressful demands usually take up most of a student’s time. Rarely does one have a vacant day to go out and bond with friends. Sadly, this causes most relationships to fade. Fortunately, my high school clique is still intact. Although we don’t get to catch up that often, we make sure that we… Continue reading CHEERS TO A SOLID FRIENDSHIP


Panting, walking briskly to school, and passing through the busy street of Dapitan— this is how I welcomed the morning of the much-awaited Valentine’s Day. For those who know where Dangwa (the flower market of Manila) is, you probably understand the stress I went through just to arrive at school on time. The smile I… Continue reading MON AMOUR


While everyone was sleeping soundly, my friends and I were getting ready for one whole day of exciting adventure. It was around 3:00 am when we scurried down my apartment to catch a ride going to our first stop. I have three words to describe the whole trip to our destination: Cold. Long. Exhausting. Never… Continue reading RIZAL ESCAPADE


Miguel and I are always up for new adventures and this time, we tried channeling our inner Oliver Queen and Katniss Everdeen. Just a few minutes away from TriNoma is a bow-and-arrow paradise hidden in a small subdivision in Project 6. When they opened three months ago, they offered a special promo that lets their… Continue reading TIGERS BY DAY, ARCHERS BY NIGHT