Every year, we are given the chance to celebrate the gift of life. We grow older, bigger, stronger, and wiser. We get an opportunity to look back and be grateful for the year that was, and move forward with new dreams and goals in life.

Yesterday, July 28, marks the 22nd birthday of Miguel. It was raining hard that morning and it was really gloomy but nothing can stop us from celebrating this new milestone in his life. So at around 11:30, he picked me up at home and we headed to Banawe for our lunch date at Third Space Studio Cafe.


As soon as we set foot inside this cafe, we were immediately catapulted back in time— rustic wooden chairs, vintage design, fancy lights, antique furniture, old frames, and relaxing acoustic music filled the air.


What a cute jukebox!


But of course we didn’t just come for the photos. We came to fill our tummies with delicious food. I was torn between their Korean Barbecue and Sweet Pork Asado. But when I asked what the better option was, the staff told me that it was the latter— pork slices with sweet barbecue stew sauce. The birthday boy chose their famous Roast Beef and partnered it with one of their bestselling signature shakes— Milo Pastillas.

Sweet Pork Asado
Roast Beef
Milo Pastillas Milkshake

The food was good and the milkshake was thick, creamy, and yummy. I just wish that the Sweet Pork Asado had less pork and more meat. But for people who are not really conscious about their carb intake (like me hahaha), they provide a generous heap of rice in the meals they offer so that’s a plus for me.

After eating, we took more photos because the place is not just cozy, but Instagram-worthy as well!

The adorable birthday boy


We were both so amazed at how beautiful the place was and how comfortable we felt during our short stay there. Can’t wait to go back and try the other dishes and shakes in their menu!



Well, just as we have found home in this old-school cafe, I have also found home in you. Happy birthday, baby! I love you!


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