It was a fine sunny afternoon and I was peacefully sitting under a shady tree inside the university when Miguel came into my view. It was the first time that I met him but I had no idea that we were already taking the same classes together. But after spending an event, weekly dinner with friends, and occasional hangouts together, we became really close. And between our stupid jokes and late-night conversations, I didn’t realize that I was already falling in-love. After several months, he finally had the courage to ask the question I have long been waiting to hear — “Will you be my girlfriend?” I was at a loss for words during that moment and all I could do was nod and smile.

A year later, here I am, still with that same warm-and-fuzzy feeling inside.

To celebrate our first anniversary, we headed to Antipolo for some peace and quiet. It was a good thing that Date and Dine Resort was tucked away from the busy and noisy streets of the city.

On the outside, this hotel-slash-resort looks like a simple house.


But on the inside, well, I thought I was in paradise!


The pool was calm and inviting, the tables were all candle-lit, the music was relaxing, the staff was friendly and welcoming, and the cool breeze was just perfect for a romantic night.

After taking a few photos, we were then directed towards our table. It was located in a corner with a breathtaking view.


 While waiting for our meals to be served, we were a given a small plate of nuts to enjoy and that was when Miguel and I took the opportunity to tour around the place.


The rooms were located inside the house beside the pool. But aside from the restaurant, Date and Dine also has a spa, gym, and barbecue area. Unfortunately, we were not able to take a lot of photos. But if you want to have the same wonderful experience that we had, I suggest you visit the place and spend a night or two with your loved ones.


After happily roaming around the area, our meals were finally served. Miguel wanted to have a taste of their Spaghetti Pesto and I wanted a mouthful of their Bolognese. But apart from that, we also ordered their Quattro Stagioni, a ten-inch pizza with salami, chicken, onion, green pepper, tomato sauce, and mozzarella.


I suck at taking flat lays. I’m sorry! Haha!

This evening was just perfect! We enjoyed the appealing ambiance and scrumptious meals. Miguel and I laughed the night away! Our anniversary became extra special for the both of us and it’s a celebration that our hearts will always remember.


Again, happy anniversary, baby! Cheers to more years of happiness and love!


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