Looking for the perfect date spot is not a piece of cake especially now that we have a vast array of choices when it comes to food and activities. But for those who would like to make their dining experience special and memorable but don’t want to go through the fuss of driving or commuting too far, I have rounded up a list of unique food spots around the U-belt area that students can go to either for their barkada bonding or for a date with their special someone.

For this post, I will be sharing two restaurants near the University of Santo Tomas that have really captured my heart because of the great ambiance and the good food that they serve.

First on the list is The Hidden Geek Bistro. This board game cafe is located at Dioresa Plaza along Dapitan street. It is right beside Banco De Oro so you won’t miss the building.


Upon entering the second floor, Miguel and I were welcomed by their cool Pacman wall and framed movie posters. The place is so cozy and it reminded me of a Sunday backyard picnic with the family.


There were a lot of new board games scattered around but Miguel and I decided to start our night with a classic game of chess.


Afterwards, we played Uno and Battle Sheep. We also tried the Bad Dog (Beware of the Dog) game but I could not stop screaming so Miguel had to replace it with another game. *sobs*


It was already dinner time so instead of trying out their colorful burgers, we both ordered their Chicken Teriyaki and Rice. which only costs P 80. I partnered  my meal with their Mango Graham Shake that costs P 90.


The chicken was really delicious! I have to give it two thumbs up. All the nice flavors played inside my mouth and I really wanted to order a second plate. The shake, on the other hand, was not so good because instead of using real mangoes, they used powdered flavoring. But I must say that the pricing was okay and it was fit for a student budget.


While enjoying our dinner, the kind staff opened the television and played a movie for us. He even checked on us from time to time just to see if we need anything else.

Overall, I can say that I had a really wonderful dining experience here and I’ll be happy to bring more friends on my next visit.

Next up is an airplane-themed restaurant called Plane Bistro situated along the busy street of Espana. It’s just one jeepney ride away from UST.


Miguel and I went here for our lunch date. The restaurant stayed true to their theme and as you can see, all the tables and chairs look like seats inside a plane. The counter on the first floor literally looks like the front part of an airplane and the kind staff were all dressed up as flight attendants so you will feel as if  you really are on-board.

Photo taken from Plane Bistro’s Facebook account.

We had no idea which one from the menu we should order so the kind staff told us their bestsellers. Miguel tried their Beef Stroganoff that only costs P 150 while I opted for their Korean BBQ Wings which costs P 150 as well. The meals went beyond our expectations. For a low price, you will already be served with sumptuous meals that probably cost twice or thrice in other restaurants. Serving time did not take too long and the staff were all nice and welcoming. They check on us from time to time and responded immediately to our requests.

Plane Bistro can be your go-to restaurant for small family gatherings and dates. Both the place and the food are Instagram-worthy. Just look at the smiles on our faces. It’s a proof of the great service we experienced.


So the next time you take your friends, family, or special someone out for lunch or dinner, try the two restaurants I’ve mentioned above and have a grand time!


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